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About the Artist.

Virginia is my birthplace; moving from Virginia Beach to Northern Virginia in 1976, I found my muse...the historic city of Alexandria.

Alexandria's seaport in early American history created a commercial and residential district of buildings that does not exist often outside of Europe. The colonial city's large urban population required housing and public buildings that remain in use today.

These original buildings remain because of three factors; the historical significance, a community for many years too poor to make great renovations or modernizations, and the strength of the solid construction.

When I walk along the footpaths of George Washington who first surveyed these original lots of Alexandria, Virginia I am drawn to the sense of home and community. I often think of the artisans who built these homes and public buildings, by hand, using minimal tools, and how almost 300 years later they are still in use. Most of there names are lost to us forever, but they have achieved their own immortality through their craftsmanship, skill and effort.

My watercolors and illustrations are dedicated to these artisans and their significant contributions to this city. It takes me over 100 hours to create an image of a single building. I work by hand to render the essence of each building or street scene, not just the bricks, mortar, wood and glass.

My artwork is inspired by the sense of home and community. My hours of effort honor the significant contribution of the craftsmen who built them and made Alexandria, Virginia a very special place to live and work then and now.

You may contact the artist directly at his studio in 
130 S. Royal St. 

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