Meet the Man Behind the Brush


Walk along any street in Old Town and you will be immersed in TODD HEALY’s muse – the cobblestones, bricks, mortar, window panes, moldings and ironworks, eaves and roof lines – the architecture of the past that drew Healy to historic Alexandria, Virginia in 1976. He is the city’s definitive artist in residence, the man behind the brush who has painstakingly captured and preserved the essence of this and other original seaport colonies through his drawings and watercolors.

Depicting each scene with his unique artistic style and consummate detail, Healy displays a passion for community, history and architecture while also offering an interpretation of our country’s past that is all at once nurturing, inspired and filled with the same hope and perseverance that characterized our nation’s early growth.  

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia, Healy studied art in San Diego, Central Florida and Virginia. He continued to draw and paint in his spare time while working to support his family as an airline baggage handler and a safety and claims director for a parking garage. More than 10 years later, Healy decided to pursue his lifelong dream of creating art for a living. His biggest encouragement was when Marriott asked him to create 14 large pen and ink watercolors of historic Richmond, Virginia for the hotel they were building in the downtown area.​

Healy is the owner of Gallery Lafayette, his art studio and framing gallery in Alexandria. For 25 years, he has stroked his watercolor brush on thousands of sheets of paper, depicting the charm and architectural lineage of Alexandria and was honored when the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution commissioned him to create a series of original pen and ink drawings to be printed on notecards and sold in their official gift catalogue.

He is widely known for the detail he pours into his drawings and paintings – 150 hours go into each of his originals. " watercolors and illustrations are dedicated to our past artisans and their significant contributions to our great country..." Healy’s passion today is bringing to light some of these artists by reintroducing their 19th century prints of our country’s early seaports and cities.

As a result, Healy has spent several years patiently hand watercoloring original antique prints and maps, the impetus for this website. Each piece creates a sense of nostalgia with resonant colors that evoke the past and bring the original back to life. Capitol Artifacts showcases these meticulously painted antiques that are then reproduced on archival paper with the best and newest archival pigments available today, giving everyone the opportunity to own a piece of American history.


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